Automate your GitHub Workflow

Easily write and deploy functions to automate your workflow.

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How it works

Put a
file at the repository root

Your repository is now alive!


Powered by Starlark

Modules written in Starlark, a proven Python dialect.

Your Secrets are Safe

Secrets (such as API tokens) can be stored in an encrypted secrets storage, and not in your repository.


No container startup time. No scheduling time. Just runs immediately.

GitHub API Support

GitHub API accessible as Starlark functions.

Effortless Integration

RepoKitteh is taking care of all the various app integration headaches. Put a
file in your repository root, and you're done.

Fine-grained Permissions

Every module brought in can be fenced with specific permissions. Also, the RepoKitteh itself can be installed with only content read only permissions.

Some Possible Use Cases

PR body format checker

Retry failed tests on command

Assign command to assign users to issues

Mark new activity on an issue/PR with a label

Custom PR approval policy - require multiple approvals

Integrate with any external system using HTTP calls

Merge bus: mark a PR as ready-to-merge on command, and another mechanism to merge all these at a given point in time


Currently this application is available by invite only. Request an invite.

General availability is planned for the near future.

Common questions

What permissions does the app requires?

We understand that giving read & write permissions for a third party app is unnerving. For that reason we offer two flavors of the app - one that has only read only content permissions and one that requires read & write permissions. This affects what the app can do, for example - read only permissions would not allow RepoKitteh to merge changes.

Does this work with GitHub Enterprise?

RepoKitteh can be set up on-premises and integrate with GitHub Enterprise. Join our waitlist if you are interested in learning more.

Does this work with GitLab or BitBucket?

Not yet, but join our waitlist to be notified when it is.

How is this different from GitHub Actions?

GitHub Actions require much more involved development process, suite more deploy-pipeline oriented customization and are geared towards more long-running actions. RepoKitteh, on the other hand, is much more easily deployed, geared towards short running actions and allow virtually unlimitted parallelization. In that setting, RepoKitteh provides much faster time-to-deploy and time-to-action for required behaviours.

Who created this?

RepoKitteh was created by Itay Donanhirsh to help teams manage and customize their development workflows.

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