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As currently RepoKitteh is still not generally available. Please join our waitlist to get an invite.

What is RepoKitteh?

RepoKitteh is a GitHub application that provides an easy way to create, integrate and maintain GitHub bots. The application is installed on specific GitHub repositories and interacts with these by receiving webhooks and making GitHub API calls. A root script tells the application what to do based on the webhook received.

How does RepoKitteh work?

RepoKitteh first needs to be configured for repository. When this is done, whenever an event occurs on that repository, GitHub sends an HTTP webhook to the RepoKitteh service. The RepoKitteh service then parses the event and attempts to evaluate the that should resides in the relevant repository's root. This file contains code in Starlark which makes use of various Functions and Modules that instructs RepoKitteh how to respond to that event.